Trini Vibes Radio thanks you for your interest in using us to advertise your products and/or services. This month we are offering a number of special rates for first time and returning clients. For example, for every six months, we offer one month free, OR, 20% discount for the first two months, whichever is greater. Our advertising services are:

(a) Radio commercials

(b) Flyer distribution Ads

(c) Web banner Ads

Our listenership via our website is approximately 5000 viewers worldwide. Our advertising network includes the following:


(2) Facebook

(3) Twitter

(4) Trini Vibes Radio Email Blasts to over 10,000 contacts and growing

Trini Vibes Radio offers:

(a) Competitive rates

(b) Wide target reach

(c) Timely delivery of service

You may contact us:

  1. via email at
  2. Telephone: 1868-348-5620